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  • What’s Wrong with This Photograph?

    What’s Wrong with This Photograph?

    Goddard College MFAW faculty member Kenny Fries: The editor wanted to crop the photograph so it only showed, close-up, the lower portion of the photograph, which showed my cane and shoes. Next to it would be a similarly cropped version of a photo of South African Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius, taken long before his trial for murdering his girlfriend. READ MORE »
  • Bhanu Kapil’s Goddard College MFAW Commencement Speech

    Bhanu Kapil’s Goddard College MFAW Commencement Speech

    From Goddard College MFAW faculty member Bhanu Kapil: Dear writers. Dear graduates. I would like to close today with a blessing upon your lives, and the writing to come; your own passage as writers in the world: From the love that was given to me in my family, whether I knew it or not at the time. From the desire to speak and write in a radical English, the English of a country that is not mine. Dear writers. I give you the number 76. I encourage you not to give up until you've tried something 76 times, whether that's applying for a job, revising a draft or sending it out. I encourage you to write with endurance and abandon. And I hope that you fail. I hope that you fail in such a way that you start to shine, as brightly as you did when you first began. READ MORE »
  • Elvis, Noh, and Patience

    Elvis, Noh, and Patience

    Goddard College MFAW faculty member Deborah Brevoort: Tonight I will finally get to see a production of my MFA thesis play, a Noh drama about Elvis Presley titled Blue Moon Over Memphis. I have waited 23 years for this day. READ MORE »
  • The Cathedral and the Yurt

    The Cathedral and the Yurt

    Goddard College MFAW-VT faculty member Jan Clausen: “I get it. I keep trying to build cathedrals when I should be building yurts.” This comment from an advisee, about her struggle to get annotations down to more manageable dimensions, has stuck with me for years as a witty image for one of the perennial dilemmas of critical writing. READ MORE »

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  • An Interview with Douglas A. Martin

    An Interview with Douglas A. Martin

    In the new Rain Taxi, Douglas Martin and Andy Fitch talk through the examples of Kathy Acker, Hart Crane, Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, and others. Narcissism. Writing sentences like painting. And how one gets involved in the work.
  • MFAW Student Anaïs Mitchell in The New Yorker

    MFAW Student Anaïs Mitchell in The New Yorker

    “Hadestown” began in Vermont, in 2006. “The original was a D.I.Y. theatre project,” Mitchell said. “It was a lot of, like, wild cabin-fever Vermont artists coming together, fringe people who have chosen this off-the-beaten-path life style—homesteading, chickens, stacking their own wood.”
  • Goddard Poets in the House

    Goddard Poets in the House

    Goddard MFA alumna Teresa Mei Chuc writes, "If you're in NYC on Sat., July 30th, I hope you can join us for a poetry reading at Poets House. Several Goddard College MFA in Creative Writing alumni will be there: Drew Dillhunt (Port Townsend, WA), David Giver (Plainfield, VT), Susan Deer Cloud (Plainfield, VT) and Teresa Mei Chuc (Plainfield, VT).
  • Political Incorrectness: History in the Family

    Political Incorrectness: History in the Family

    Today it's popular to say that political correctness is destroying America, but a recently discovered set of century-old clippings offer a cautionary reminder of what our country was like without political correctness. Goddard MFA faculty member Aimee Liu's opinion piece about political correctness and her family history was published in the LA Times on March 27.

“We are leaving our incredible faculty, brilliant talents themselves, who truly care about the likes of us, who utilize equal parts love and cattle prod…but we’re taking each other.”

Goddard MFA Graduate, Vermont, Jan. 2013

I yearned for creative freedom...My advisors at Goddard helped tailor my studies to my unique needs and interests, while at the same time stretching me beyond where I might have wandered on my own.

Mary Johnson, Goddard MFA alumna and author of An Unquenchable Thirst: A Memoir, a Kirkus Best Book of the Year



“Goddard’s emphasis on diversity and individuality really appealed to me...I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted out of an MFA program: self-directed learning that would allow me to take risks and follow hunches, and a safe environment in which I could make the mistakes we all need to endure if we are going to learn.”

Matthew Quick, Goddard MFA alumnus, and bestselling author of The Silver Linings Playbook and many other novels.

Goddard College is the only school I ever wanted to attend. It's a place where radical change is supported and encouraged; where commitment to creative discipline and social justice is expected. I know of no other institution where respect for the craft of writing is fostered with such joy or where dedication to intellectual rigor and curiosity are modeled by the faculty with so much respect for the student. I'm proud to be an alumna of this historically progressive institution. Goddard College changed my life.

Cara Hoffman, Goddard MFA alumna and author of the critically acclaimed novels So Much Pretty and Be Safe I Love You

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  • The Writer posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    MFA alumna Liz Kellebrew is thrilled to announce that a short story from her Goddard thesis, “The Bee Charmer,” was published in the latest edition of The Coachella Review. Congratulations!

    [Read more]

  • The Writer posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Special Vermont Residency Occasion: On Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 7pm—after graduation—we will be holding a Bon Voyage Garden Party for a number of our community elders.
    As most of you already know, Paul Selig resigned after 22 years in the MFAW program, with 18 of those years as Director. (Luckily, he has already returned to us as a member of our…[Read more]

  • The Writer posted an update 4 months ago

    SUBMIT! GrubStreet, a non-profit creative writing center located in the heart of downtown Boston, is seeking emerging writers to contribute to our new series, “Writers React,” on GrubWrites, an online publication with a dedicated following. GrubWrites has recently featured such authors as Alexander Chee, Lauren Groff, and Viet Thanh Nguyen.

    F…[Read more]

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