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Registration  for the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference & Retreat (CWC&R) opens on this Wednesday, February 15.   This year’s CWC&R will take place from July 3 – 7 on Goddard’s Plainfield, Vermont, campus.  As always, this conference and retreat will feature:


  •  Opening Plenary Panel
  • Stations of the Word
  • Writing Workshops
  • Individual, Quiet Writing Time
  • A “Life After Goddard” Session for the MFAW students and CWC&R participants
  • Visiting Writer and Visiting Professional Sessions
  • Preview Reading from the new volume of CLOCKHOUSE
  • Hosting of the MFAW program’s Closing Gathering


This year’s CWC&R will be particularly special, though, in that it will mark the 20th anniversary of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference itself, the alumni organization of Goddard College’a MFAW program.  In addition to CWC&R’s usual offerings, there will be an Appreciation Ceremony planned in conjunction with Goddard’s administration; a CLOCKHOUSE preview reading that celebrates the journal’s own fifth year; and a “Life After Goddard” session that focus on Clockhouse Writers’ Conference  history.

If you’re an alum of Goddard’s MFAW program–from either Plainfield or Port Townsend–please consider joining us!   Registration materials will be available on Wednesday at www.clockhousewriters.com.

CWC&R Registration Opens Wednesday, February 15
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CWC is the alumni association of Goddard's MFAW Program. It holds the annual summer Clockhouse Writers' Conference & Retreat in Plainfield, Vermont, and the annual winter Lighthouse Conference & Retreat each winter. Its national literary journal CLOCKHOUSE is published in partnership with Goddard College and the MFAW Program. For more information, please visit www.clockhousewriters.com or contact CWC's lead steward, Lucy Turner.
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