MFAW-VT student Ni’Ja Whitson has been named one of Brooklyn magazine’s “100 Culture Influencers.”

Ni’ja says, “I’m furiously, fiercely committed to a creative practice that is unabashed and uncompromising, that is a contribution to liberation, that is an unapologetic offering of all of the Black Queer magic I can manifest.”   In addition to touring A Meditation on Tongues, which premiered this year at American Realness, Ni’Ja is a second year artist-in-residence at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange and is working on a book and performance project called Time Trickle ‘Cross You (The Hunted).  Read an extended interview with Ni’Ja here.

Goddard MFA student Ni’ja Whitson Named One of “100 Culture Influencers”
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