I have no big picture. Like many women of North America who are artists and writers of this time, I have changing pictures of a changing life, and I am lucky to have been able to make change, in some small ways. With few impediments, by some standards, I’ve achieved relative comfort, performing my teaching duties and writing tasks, and answering my calling–poetry that sharpens my days and wakes me day and night. This much I do on a daily basis, like breathing. Most with attention, some worry, not enough lightness, at times.

Marie Ponsot Keeps Her Word

The year before last in bright April, Marie Ponsot, award-winning poet and beloved teacher, celebrated her birthday at home, as usual, where the circle, always slightly changing shape, and always the same, of poet friends, generations of former students gathers every year. We assemble in the early breath of New York City’s spring–first for her birthday in early April, then in June, to read our contributions to STILL AGAINST WAR, Poems for Marie Ponsot.

Subtext and Text

We confronted the building and came away proud by re-learning what makes a scar and what can provide healing – adventure with a friend to defy the norm, create ritual and witness.

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