Elvis, Noh, and Patience

Goddard College MFAW faculty member Deborah Brevoort: Tonight I will finally get to see a production of my MFA thesis play, a Noh drama about Elvis Presley titled Blue Moon Over Memphis. I have waited 23 years for this day.

Failure is a Tool for Making Progress

Success could only be achieved after every possible mistake had been made on the ground, in order that they would not occur in the air. The engineers coined an expression about this that became their motto: Failure is a tool for making progress.

The Invisible Power of Art

Most of us can point to the moment when we were awakened to art, to the incident that set us on the path to writing. Mine was in San Francisco in 1985.  I was on a business trip and went to the American Conservatory Theatre to see Angel’s Fall by Lanford Wilson.  The...

Coming Full Circle

I took a class in Japanese Theatre and found myself drawn to the Noh because it was so different from anything I had ever seen. Noh dramas are based on stories that are well known to the audience and they lack most of the dramatic conventions we expect in a play in the west, such as plot, action, or character development.

A Noh Drama about Elvis

Blue Moon Over Memphis, Deborah Brevoort’s Noh Drama about Elvis Presley will be produced in a traditional Noh staging by Theatre Nohgaku in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday May 23rd at 2pm and 7pm.  The production will feature Noh orchestrations composed by Richard...
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