Literary Friendships

We are writers who are cranking out books, or coming out with something new and scary for us; we are being adapted for TV and movies, or working on the same unwieldy masterwork for decades. We have rewritten and reconceived, swapped essays for short stories, ping-ponged between age groups. We are trying to get our heads around a new story, trying to wrestle with our families’s truths; we have stopped writing. My writing friends are international bestsellers, Oprah picks, award winners and more, but no one of us is any better than the other.

Good Tape: Notes from The Podcast School

Whether leaning over our computers with Jackie helping us record and replay our own voices, or listening to the podcasts James chose for us to analyze, the reason we have come back to the human voice for our storytelling was immediately clear. It was the attraction of attention, of being in the moment.

Welcome to The Podcast School!

The Goddard MFA in Creative Writing is thrilled to announce that we will be introducing the first podcasting curriculum offered by any low residency MFA in Creative Writing this coming summer in Vermont. Also, for the first time ever, these workshops will be open to...

Reiko Writes a Book Review

Recently, I was asked to write a book review. I said yes. As a reader, I don’t generally read book reviews because I don’t want other people’s opinions messing up the story.  I want the mystery; I want to see each of the author’s decisions, and how she builds her...
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