On Reviews

I don’t read reviews and when I do I am just looking ever so briefly to see if it’s good or bad. Basically, it’s not me I care about but all the people who put their time, energy, and money making the play work. The one thing on my mind: Did the show meet its...

Creepy Art

We are living in a moment where logic has been kicked out the door. Instead, fight a political landscape that preys on people’s emotions with art that bypasses the brain and heads straight to the heart. It’s really the only chance we have left.


The above is a side note — a digression — because what I really want to discuss is how artists can use their art to invent a place that has long existed. Last night Netflix aired Springsteen on Broadway. This is what Springsteen had to say about the Jersey Shore. Before I quote The Boss let me warn you that there are expletives so please move on if you are uncomfortable…

Why This Blog Is Late

I just started rehearsals for a ten-day workshop a relatively new play of mine: BORN IN EAST BERLIN. The workshop is at TheatreWorks in Palo Alto. I decided to blog the first day.

Repetition Exercise


I was at a Springsteen concert recently. One of his most famous songs — Hungry Heart — usually leads to him falling back onto the audience.

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