Activism for Introverts

Enchantivism is “activism for introverts,” as my teacher describes it.  Dr. Craig Chalquist, PhD puts it simply, “If you want to change someone’s mind, tell them a story.”  But it’s so much more than that.  Craig is a depth psychologist who has created...

Writing Evil for Children: Three Burning Churches and the Civil Rights Movement

Three churches in Louisiana. The FBI is investigating. Is it arson, a hate crime, a sign of things to come? All of the above, most likely, if the past is any judge. But like the spirituals and musicals, like any good children’s book, the news stories this week are ending in hope. A fourth church opened up its congregation last Sunday. Two choirs sang. And the people lifted their voices. They stood up, and carried on.

7 Reasons to go to Literary Conferences

When I decided to “become” a “real writer,” the best advice I received was from prolific children’s author Bruce Coville. He said, “You should join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.” So I did. I went to their conference that summer—they hold a big one in Los Angeles every year for all levels, and a more professionally-oriented one in New York in the winter. I was a newcomer and the LA event was walking distance from my house, so how could I refuse?

Books Eat Books

Books eat other books just as surely as hamsters eat their young.  A friend of mine who raises pigs once told me a pig has to eat three pounds of feed for every single pound of meat it produces. 

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