MFAW-VT faculty member Kenny Fries was keynote speaker for “Our Voices: Navigating Identities in the Fulbright Program,” held recently at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

On Feb 13, he was part of a panel discussion called “Think Intersectional Anti-Semitism,“ held at the Schwules Museum in Berlin. The event was part of the series “Anti-Semitism: Artistic Positions and Current Perspectives,” a cooperation between the University of the Arts and the Berlin State Center for Political Education, which asked the questions: How do people deal with anti-Semitism and intersectional discrimination in their own work creatively and with commitment? How do you create alliances in the era of increasing right-wing extremism? On the relationship between anti-Semitism, hostility to the disabled, queerphobia and sexism, as well as the possibility of forming an alliance between different communities? 

As part of the run-up to the event at the Schwules Museum, Siegiessaeule, the Berlin magazine, interviewed Kenny for a feature entitled Queerness und Menschen mit Behinderung: Kenny Fries im Gespräch, which was translated into and published in German.

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