MFAW (graduating) student Sassafras Lowrey and hir dog, Sirius, were interviewed on AKC TV on January 28th.  Sassafras was talking about hir newest book Tricks In The City.  To see the full episode go here:  

For more “behind the scenes” viewing, there was also a lot of footage of Sirius “talking” and using her buttons that didn’t make it into the segment which you can find here:   (Sassafras and Sirius appear from 2 to 5 minutes.)

Congratulations, Sassafras (& Sirius)

For more on Sassafras, check our hir bio on hir website, which begins: “Sassafras Lowrey is a straight edge punk who grew up to become the 2013 winner of the Lambda Literary Emerging Writer Award. Sassafras’ LGBTQ+ Books: Kicked Out, Lost Boi, Roving Pack, Leather Ever After, and A Little Queermas Carol have been honored by organizations ranging from the National Leather Association to the American Library Association.”

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