MFAW-WA student Masha Shukovich has just had a fictional piece “What Water Remembers” (a standalone excerpt from her novel, The Taste of Names), which she wrote last semester “under Reiko’s wonderful guidance”, published in the Spring 2020 issue of Michigan Quarterly Review (ed. Anna Clark). 

This is a special issue on water featuring fiction, essays, and poetry about water and the myriad of ways in which it informs our existence. As Anna Clark reminds us in her foreword: “Whether as a means of staying alive or escape or magic or loss or warning, water is a throughway for deepening our relationship to our planet and one another–or it could be.” 

Here is the link to the Spring 2020 issue of MQR, Not One Without: A Special Issue on Water

You can read more about this issue’s contributors, and Masha here: Meet Our Contributors: Issue 59:2 Spring 2020

Congratulations, Masha!

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